Louise with Pebbles:

“I thought the classes were extremely helpful in understanding training techniques which benefit the puppy. Melissa explained the process in a clear and concise manner and in turn I was able to apply that knowledge in practise. I would highly recommend Zest Positive puppy training. Pebbles is a joy to be around. She is gentle and patient with children and adults alike and doesn’t seem phased by anything! Thanks for your help in achieving this.”

Kevin & Diane Orme with Charlie:

“Melissa’s puppy training school was excellent! It gave us the guidance we needed in getting Charlie to follow our commands in a really fun way! He is no angel but he is now a well behaved puppy.”


Lucinda with Harvey:

“Melissa’s Puppy School was recommended by the Dog Behaviorist attached to our local veterinary surgery. Harvey was our first dog and we were struggling to work out how best to train him, each member of the family was using a different word and different actions for the same instruction and our poor puppy was confused! The Puppy Training classes were great, we loved the puppy socialisation as did Harvey, and we found it really helpful to see how Melissa demonstrated the ‘commands’. The right body language, speed, confidence and a pocket full of cooked chicken (!) are all vital components of successful training and each week we had the benefit of Melissa’s advice on how to deal with all the usual puppy problems that seem so baffling until you talk to an expert! We emerged from our puppy training feeling much more confident and with a young dog who understood what we were asking of him, and who enjoyed all the tasty rewards earned while learning the task!”


Ian and Margaret with Freddie:

“We attended the six classes of basic training when our dog was in puppyhood – Melissa made these evenings fun and good for the dog and us. At home we were able to build on the basics we had learnt at the class and show off our new skills at the next. Our dog is now a year old, obedient and well natured, I think due to the time he spent at the classes. Freddie is now a 1 year old and a really well natured dog and great company. He seems to pick up when he can play ‘rough’ and when not to, eg when elderly people are around. He is good dog and has very good manners. He does everything we want him to, sit, stay, wait, in fact all we went through except lie down, which he has not got to grips with, preferring to sit! But we can live with that!”


 Sue with Molly:

 “As first time dog owners we found the training classes invaluable. They helped to set us on the right track with training and answer any queries we had, and gave us an opportunity to swap experiences with other owners. Molly is doing fine, and has developed into a happy and confident puppy who enjoys meeting and playing with other dogs and people.”


 Mandie with Betsey:

 “We got our little Chihuahua Betsey when she was 7 months old and therefore missed the opportunity to join in with one of the puppy training courses. Melissa was kind enough to do a one-to-one six week course with us where she helped us with basic commands such as sit, stay and come. Betsey gave Melissa a challenge with the down command by doing anything she could to get the treat other than lay down!! Walking on a lead was also a challenge but Melissa was so patient whilst trying to encourage this small Chihuahua to walk along the street. I would definitely recommend Zest Positive’s Puppy School to anyone wanting help with training their dog.”