Private Tuition Dog Training

Private tuition dog training is suitable for dogs of any age. A six-week course or a class environment may not be suitable for you or your dog so one or more private sessions are ideal.

Common problems that Melissa can help you with include pulling on the lead, jumping up, play-biting, house-training, not coming back when called, barking, chewing and separation anxiety. The list is endless. The advice, of course, is tailor-made as not all dogs and families are the same.

Each session lasts 60-90 minutes. The number of sessions needed will depend on how much help you require and the complexity of the issues. Many people opt for four sessions that can cover all of the training basics and more.


The fee includes your own copy of Puppy School founder Gwen Bailey’s How To Train A Superdog book.

One session £45 total: (NN1-NN5), £50 (NN6-NN7) or from £55 for further postcodes.

Two sessions total: £80 (NN1-NN5), £90 (NN6-NN7) or from £100 for further postcodes.

Three sessions total: £115 (NN1-NN5), £130 (NN6-NN7), £145 for further postcodes.

Four sessions total: £150 (NN1-NN5), £170 (NN6-NN7), £190 for further postcodes.

Please telephone Melissa on 01604 752157 or email to find out more.

**Please leave a contact number in the email in case of email issues.**