Dogs In Film & TV Workshop

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Puppy School Tutor Heather Ward will be hosting:
Dogs in film & TV workshop run by Sally Marchant of
Sunday 7th April 2019 11am – 5pm
Stanwick Village Hall
Only 10 handlers spaces
£65 for one dog, one handler space
£15 for observer space, limited number of places

Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Places are only booked when they are paid for.

The workshop will teach owners and their dogs the behaviours required for film and TV work. The day will include your dog being assessed and suitable dogs will have the opportunity to be added to Daly dogs books and so be put forward for film and tv work. This is not obligatory and the day is equally suitable for people who simply want to spend a day working with their dog

Dogs must be sociable enough with dogs and people to work in close proximity to others.

Dogs need to be over 12 months and have basic training to attend.

The workshop is all reward based training. Rewards = praise/toys/food. No harsh treatment or equipment will be used or allowed at the workshop.

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