Puppy Training School

Pet wellbeing specialists Zest Positive deliver the Puppy Training School course with the six-week sessions in Northampton led by experienced veterinary nurse Melissa Rivett.

Melissa Rivett - Puppy Training School Northampton

Melissa Rivett (Lead tutor)

Zest Positive founder Melissa Rivett explains how she become involved in a career in the animal welfare industry:

“I have worked with dogs for 23 years since leaving school, in various roles, including boarding kennels but mainly as a veterinary nurse.

“I continued with these roles whilst at college for four years studying for a BTEC National Diploma in Animal Care, then a BTEC HND in Animal Welfare and Management. Once I had completed my college studies I studied further and became a qualified veterinary nurse, a role I still have to this day.

“As a veterinary nurse I became interested in canine and feline behaviour and completed an animal behaviour course, designed for veterinary nurses to help owners with their pet’s behavioural problems.

“I started seeing cases with success and this gave me the drive to focus on preventing behavioural problems as so many of the dogs I saw had problems that could have so easily been prevented if they had received the correct training and socialisation as a puppy.

“I set up various services in practice, such as puppy parties, that gave owners the opportunity to learn how to socialise and handle their puppies in a fun and relaxed environment but always in a carefully controlled way.

“This is part of the Puppy School philosophy so becoming a Puppy School tutor was a natural progression in my career. I really love seeing the bond between a family and their new addition develop and this can only truly be achieved using kind and positive training techniques.

“Please come along with your family to join in the fun and see the benefits Puppy School can bring.”